the joy of mastering the granny square and turning a corner

2 min readMay 19, 2022

the crochet bug bit me some time ago. i loved the effortless ease with which my friends worked on different patterns. i remebered watching my older cousins and my grandmother make magic with needle and thread, often not bothering to look at what they were making, as if the hands knew what was to be done!

i finally ordered the needle and thread and got to work. my daughter who was ahead of me on the curve took them and started on her own and made this pattern. midway through she had to go back to school and left this behind. she tried to explain the weave to me before she left. i looked on, confused…

i picked it up yesterday, and tripped, made mistakes, moved ahead, only to undo what was made and tried again. once i got the hang of it, it was addictive, and a joy when i reached the end of one side. then came the tough part, turning the corner. the happiness when i finally made it past the corner was like rush through the body.

every time a new thing is learnt, mastered, converted from knowledge to practise, the happiness grows. as the grey on my head multiplies, my list of learning something new grows.