Beyond Board Assessments — preparing children for ‘life’…

1 min readFeb 10, 2022

So ICSE and ISC bit the bullet and released the results for the first time ever MCQ based and bifurcated Board Exams. CBSE is playing the wait and watch game…

A bunch of students are relilved that they’ve cleared the nightmare. Another bunch are upset that the scores have been less than the 100% that they imagined. They now are crying foul about the MCQ assessment which sees everything in black and white, ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ and discounts ‘process’

Apart from the absurdity of MCQ assessment, I am amused and in despair of how teenagers (and their parents) are hinged on ‘marks’. I wonder what it will take to change these frames of ‘measuring excellence’

Meanwhile all thought is about how to conduct the next board examinations, while the more important issue is how to engage students in dialogue around the ‘hijab controversy’. They are in the thick of it and trying to make sense. How can we help children rise above the fractured constructs that adults have created for them…

How can we prepare children for this thing called ‘life’